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At Lattice Fence Guys there is a wide selection of lumber and wood products. Among these products are shingles, fences, decks, composite decking, lattice, chain link fence, hardwood, timber, bamboo, wood veneer and more and these products can be used to take care of all your fencing projects.


High quality workmanship

Lattice Fence Guys provides high quality workmanship from the initial stage to the final step. We also pay attention to the clients fully. Our first priority is to deliver superior quality, dependability and we purpose attention to detail. Our tradition is hard work, safety and honesty and our customer service is dedicated to serve you. At Lattice Fence Guys you are assured of project completion as per the schedule and exceptional results.



Lattice Fence Guys is licensed to provide all types of lattice solutions to the customers. The Lattice Fence Guys have been in operation for many years and have stood the test of time. When you work with the leading Lattice Fence Guys for your lattice fencing needs you will guaranteed of exemplary service and high quality solutions to your needs.

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Lattice Fence Guys offers lattice fence solutions competitive market prices that are affordable by most people. Our team of professional will install the lattice panels at your yard at affordable cost which is friendly to the customers. The Lattice Fence Guys does not charge any cost for consultation and the installation materials will be brought to your homestead by the Lattice Fence Guys trucks.

How to install lattice fence panels.

Lattice fencing can be useful for many purposes for example lattice fence panels can be used to hide imperfections in the yard, screen areas that the homeowner does not want displayed, also used to provide privacy and in some yards these panels are used to support vine plants. The Lattice Fence Guys provides lightweight lattice panels which are made of materials such as bamboo and wood from cedar. You can buy lattice panels that are already made from the Lattice Fence Guys and a professional from Lattice Fence Guys will install them for you. The installation method of lattice panels involves the following steps:

Step 1: Determination of the area, a professional from Lattice Fence Guys determines the area where the homeowners install the lattice fence. The professional from Lattice Fence Guys also checks the rules related to allowed fence heights and setbacks. The professional from Lattice Fence Guys makes a survey on your property and makes the boundaries to make sure that the clients does not lose the investment to any street expansion or sidewalk installation.

Step 2: Installation of the posts. These posts are required for support. The professional from Lattice Fence Guys who is doing the installation in your yard ensures that the spacing is right and the depth of the hole is the recommended one to support the panels firmly.

Step 3: Screwing of the panels. The expert from Lattice Fence Guys prop the panels up against the posts. The points on the panels where the holes are to be drilled are determined and after the drilling the panels are screwed to the posts.

Step 4: The expert from Lattice Fence Guys makes sure the lattice fencing is attractive by having the decorative posts of the client’s choice are affixed. The water sealer is installed at this stage.

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